Overthewire write Up bandit level 0 to 1

This is a write-up for the Over The Wire wargame Bandit level 0 to Level 1

First, we need to connect to the Over the Wire Bandit game with SSH. You will need an SSH client. For Linux, I suggest Gnome Connection Manager and for Windows I suggest Putty. The hostname is bandit.labs.overthewire.org User: bandit0 password: bandit0

The best tool to use to read about Linux commands is the man pages. To use man pages you simply type: man <command name> Example: man ls

Commands used for this level: ls - List information about the FILE’s (the current directory by default).

The two most common arguments used with ls are: ls -a - view all files including hidden files that start with. ls -l - view long list format of files.

cat - used to view contents of a file.

Step 1. After logging in type ls You will see a file named readme

Step 2. Type cat readme The contents of the file have the password for level 1 in it.