My name is Giorgos and I am an IT technician living in Greece, I am heavily interested in various aspects of Computer and Network Security, especially in malware analysis, web application security and cryptography.

I have also a strong affection for Open Source, and I try to contribute to the OSS community as much as I can.

Get in touch!

You can contact me by sending an email to gexxos@gmail.com , for secure communication you can use My GPG public key avaliable here.

You can also find me on twitter, and github.

About This Blog

This blog, is a personal one and it serves as a place to talk about my above-mentioned interests and anything else I find interesting in general. The blog’s name (Gexos) is a compination of my first and last name which is Giorgos Xanthopoulos.

The blog is based on the excellent Hyde theme (v2.1.0) for Poole, running on Github Pages but with some modifications from Fredrik Averpil:

The source code for this blog is available here.


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